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Our manufactured stone veneer is made of a concrete that replicates natural stone textures and colors. Our top of the line stone manufacturers paint each stone by hand and create their life-like molds from organic stones to capture the finest textures. The end results are beautiful stones that are no more than a few inches thick of simple lightweight decorative material yet add true illusions of natural masonry to your home. 

Here at Newland Landscape, we not only specialize in home masonry but love to see new homes in Orange County enhance their living areas with our masonry service. Patios, walls, walkways; any place that you could see your home being remodeled with a new layer of top-quality masonry, we can provide for your vision to be made reality. All at an affordable price for our masonry service professionals.

The contractors at Newland Landscape have extensive expertise for masonry projects. From restoration, to repairs and coatings, Newland Landscape will achieve your objectives. Our company strives to deliver the highest quality services to meet the needs of our clientele, with professionalism that exceeds expectations.

Contact us to today at (949) 584-0769 and re-imagine your home with a fresh, natural look that will set your home apart.

Newland Landscape specialize in the following types of masonry services: 

* Patios

* Walls

* Driveways

* Walkways and Stairs

* Stone

* Brick

* Precast

* Interlocking Pavers

* Finish and Structural Concrete Block

* Decomposed Granite and Stucco

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