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Stamped Concrete has become a term used for any concrete finish created outside of the realm of the normal boring grey side walk or driveway staring back at you. Over the years, we have all grown accustom to seeing the stamp concrete finishes. We may have seen some finishes that have us asking ourselves how did they do it. Newland Landscape specializes in Decorative Concrete finishes that integrate the have seen and have not seen to create the WOW. Of course we do the then too.


Newland Landscape uses integral coloring systems as well as stains and dyes to achieve color infusion only found in nature. Have you ever really stopped and noticed just how inspirational nature can be to see how all its colors mesh and mix together in harmony. We round up every product in its arsenal to begin cultivating a collection of colors tailored for every project. We feel that no Decorative Concrete project is ever identical anyway, so why not really make it one of a kind.

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