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Whether it is extending your living space with the addition of a patio in the backyard or solving the difficult slope along the driveway, our design and installation professionals are able to suit all of your needs. Our experts can set your yard apart and make it the envy of the neighborhood with the use of both natural and manufactured materials. Our experienced construction crew will build your project according to these specifications.

Our experts are trained to be the top home pavers in Orange County to provide you with the best service of any paving company. Working hand-in-hand with our experienced construction crew members that will build your project to be the envy of any neighborhood with a new natural look crafted with eco-friendly materials.

When you contact our paving company, you will be working with quality professionals that have made it their philosophy as home renovators to give your outdoor space a unique and stylish appearance that your home deserves. Turning any outdoor space into something that reflects your life and personality while giving the comfort and feeling of any of your interior rooms.

All of the paving services are provided with the care and passion we put into all of our landscape services. Contact Newland Landscape today, one of the best paver companies in Orange County to change your home for the better!

Our landscaping philosophy is that your outdoor space can and should be something unique and special, something that reflects your life and your personality, as well as providing a completely relaxing environment with all the privacy, ambiance, and comfort of your interior rooms.

Newland Landscape is the largest landscape contractors. A family owned corporation since 2005. 

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