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Newland Lanscape can incorporate outdoor lighting into any landscape. Making your home residence landscape a perfect paradise.

As days remain short through Fall, Winter and into Spring a backyard can still be enjoyed and showcased through strategic landscape lighting. Whether you want to illuminate pathways around the yard, or highlight a specific feature be it a water fountain, or a statue, even create mood lighting around a fireplace for a more relax setting.

The purpose of landscape lighting:

Ask yourself why you want to add lighting to your yard. Perhaps you want to set a soft, romantic mood during the evening hours. Maybe it’s security reasons or to illuminate walking paths. You might want to highlight a special feature like a water fountain or pond.

Additional benefits of landscape lighting:

• Makes pathways easier to navigate
• Utilizes minimum power consumption
• Deters burglary and theft
• Benefits the elderly and vision impaired
• Increases home value


Types of lighting & lighting technology available:

• Spotlights
• Path & Area Lights
• Flood & Well Lights
• Specialty Lights – Underwater, Decks, Steps.
• Halogen
• Fiber Optic Lighting

Above are a variety of examples of outdoor lighting our designers have create for past projects.

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