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Are the brain of the sprinkler system activate and deactivate designated irrigation zones according to programmed run times. Properly programmed controllers ensure a landscape is receiving the right amount of water at the optimal watering time. Choosing the right controller typically depends on the number of zones needed in a system, and whether those zones will be added to or reduced in the future.


For the most effective way to irrigate large areas and can apply water at lower rates thus preventing runoff from occurring.



Is an easy way to conserve water lower your water bill and improve the health of your landscape they are relatively inexpensive and the best way to ensure your system receives the right amount of water regardless of the changing weather.



Pop-up spray sprinklers consists of a nozzle and body and apply water to a given area between 2 and 30 feet the proper spray body and nozzle combination is found by considering plant type soil type and area shape and matching the correct model


Micro Irrigation:

Is designed to optimize water use in small irrigation areas landscape drip line is built with heavy-duty materials and in-line check-valve emitters, which work to ensure no debris or plant roots clog or disrupt water emission. 



Are the heart of the irrigation system, as they open and close to allow water to be distributed from the irrigation system's pipes to the watering components.

Irrigation is essential. Newland Landscape  can design and implement an efficient water delivery system to promote good plant health. Water management is a critical aspect of your landscape maintenance. Our irrigation specialists have extensive experience in designing automatic watering systems that water based on soil moisture levels to save you money. In addition to opening and closing the irrigation system, our properties are monitored throughout the growing season to ensure the correct amount of water is applied to the lawn and gardens. Renovations to an irrigation system are made as required. We believe we must be good stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to us. Our established staff of irrigation professionals are committed to quality and long term customer satisfaction. We invite you to put our Experience, Knowledge, and Reliability to work for you.
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