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California outdoor living and entertaining spaces have become not only popular over the past four decades, but are sought after as part of the complete home design and layout. One aspect of masonry is the art of bringing the indoors to the outdoors. When designed, and built correctly, masons can build hardscapes that bring about tranquility and relaxation. Your own personal home “oasis”! Hardscapes not only adds personal enjoyment value but also increases the value of your home tremendously.

Newland Landscape offers complete outdoor living additions (hardscape) to your home: fireplaces, kitchens, bars, decorative and retaining walls, living areas, fire pits, patios, decks, elevated patios, pools, ponds and much more. Stone and brick are just some of the materials used within our detailed designs by our master masons. The list is only limited to your imagination (and ours)! Our expertise and knowledge in this industry is far reaching giving you full peace of mind in our ability, dedication and fulfillment of your project.

We at Newland Landscape pride ourselves on holding a masterful knowledge of our field, along with a creative understanding of form and function. To you, our client, this means our ability to bring to the table the rare combination of amazing hardscape design along with the actual hands on knowledge of precise and proper construction. True stone and brick masonry designed, created and constructed by true Master Masons. Why settle for anything less? Contact Us!

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